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Trends in birthday parties


When it comes to children's parties, Amsterdam is a vibrant city full of creativity and innovation. There are plenty of unique and exciting trends that make hosting children's parties in the city an unforgettable experience. Here are some of the latest trends for children's parties in Amsterdam.

Creative workshops Amsterdam is home to numerous creative workshops, making it easy to organize a party where children can craft, paint or sculpt. From making soaps and jewelry to painting a canvas, the possibilities are endless. This allows children to not only express their creativity, but also go home with their own unique creations.

Active Parties For kids who love exercise, there are plenty of active parties to be found in Amsterdam. From trampoline parks and climbing centers to laser gaming and mini-golf courses, there is something for every child. These parties are not only fun and challenging, but also offer the perfect way to burn off energy and get active.

Themed Parties Hosting a theme party has always been popular and this trend is no different in Amsterdam. With themes such as princesses, superheroes and even science fiction, there are plenty of options to tailor your child's party to their interests. From furnishings and decorations to activities and treats, the possibilities are endless.

Sustainability Sustainability is an increasingly important topic, and this includes children's parties. More and more parents and children are choosing parties with a sustainable theme, such as making bee hotels or growing fruits and vegetables. In addition, recyclable materials and plant-based inks can be used, and organic snacks and drinks are increasingly being chosen.

Virtual Reality One of the latest trends in children's parties is the use of virtual reality. By using VR goggles, children can immerse themselves in a virtual world full of adventure and excitement. Whether it is a VR game or a VR experience, it makes for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Whether it's creative workshops, active parties, theme parties, sustainability or virtual reality, there are plenty of exciting and innovative trends for children's parties in Amsterdam. By organizing a party with one of these trends, children are sure to have a day full of fun and adventure.