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Last Updated: February 1, 2023.

Please read these Terms and Policies carefully before using our Website or our App and before booking goods or services from a third party through our Website or our App. We recommend that you print a copy for future reference. By using our Website or our App, you confirm that you accept these Terms and Policies and agree to comply with them whether or not you choose to register with us. If you do not agree to these Terms and Policies, you may not use our Website or our App in any way.

  1. Welcome to our website, ("Website") and the mobile application for the User of (the "App"). The Website and our App are provided by Yoepie Netherlands, a company registered in the Netherlands under number 88259994 with registered office in Amstelveen, Catharina van Clevelaan 46, 1181 BH ("Yoepie", in short "us", "we" or "our"). "You" and "your" means you as a user of our website or our application.

  2. The Website and our App have two main functions:

  • collecting information and providing a centralized point for selected third-party suppliers of goods and services who wish to offer their goods and services through our Website and our App ("Partners"); and
  • provision of general information related to children's parties.
  1. We have set out the terms under which we allow you access to our Website and our App and any products or services we offer on our Website or our App. These include the terms and conditions governing:
  • your rights to use and link to our Website and App (our "Terms of Use");
  • the way we will use and protect information about you (our "Privacy & Cookies Policy");
  • our booking conditions in relation to any third party products or services that we offer from the Website or our App (our "Booking conditions"); and
  • your obligations when uploading comments or other contributions and content on our Website or our App (our "User Generated Content conditions"), (together or individually these may be referred to as our "Terms and Policies").
  1. Please note that the Terms and Policies do not govern the relationship between Yoepie and our Partners. If you are an existing Partner, please refer to the "Partner Terms and Conditions" you received upon registration. If you are not yet a Partner, but would like to apply to Yoepie to become one of our Partners, please email

  2. If you enter a prize competition or other promotions on the Website or our App, separate terms and conditions may apply in addition to our Terms and Policy. In the event of a conflict between additional terms and conditions and our Terms and Policy, these additional terms will prevail as to the conflict.

  3. We may change our Terms and Policies from time to time, in which case up-to-date versions of those Terms and Policies will be available through the Website and our App. You should check these Terms and Policies regularly to ensure that you agree to any changes. You will be deemed to have accepted any changes to the Terms and Policies after being notified of the changes on our Website or our App and/or if you continue to access or use the Website or our App, where you can view the updated Terms and Policies


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