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About Yoepie


Yoepie is a platform aimed at making finding children's parties easy for both parents and providers. It is a new and independent platform that brings supply and demand together 1-to-1, similar to successful platforms such as, Treatwell and Thuisbezorgd.

Yoepie's goal is to become the best and largest platform in this industry, driven by its own experiences searching for children's parties. Currently, the supply is fragmented and lacking in transparency, so more convenience is desperately needed.

Yoepie solves the biggest problems for parents all at once, such as finding all the children's party offerings in one place, knowing the cost and what other parents think of the party. But the children's party provider also gains many benefits from the platform, such as increased visibility, more efficient marketing, feedback and growth opportunities.

With Yoepie it is possible to organize the perfect children's party, whether you are looking for an active outdoor party or a creative workshop indoors, there is something for every budget. The platform is easy and time-saving, has a large selection of activities and locations, is user-friendly, has helpful filters and you can see other parents' reviews. Yoepie offers countless opportunities to offer and organize the perfect children's party, for both parents and providers.

Currently, we focus on regions of greater Amsterdam, 't Gooi and greater Utrecht. We do this because we want to keep the offer as large as possible per region. Other regions will follow soon. Keep an eye on our website and socials!


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