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Guidelines for reviews


Last update: February 1, 2023

Reviews help other parents make the right choice or try out of something new for their child. It's like a tip from a friend, but virtual. The is a good way to find out what you like without a sales pitch. To keep the review platform healthy and positive, these are our guidelines:

Be open. Share what you want from your experience - good or bad - and share as many details.

Be constructive. If your experience wasn't exactly top-notch, tell why. Make sure the text provides constructive feedback that helps parents and helps the provider do something with your feedback.

Be polite. Talking respectfully to or about others makes everyone feel free to express an opinion.

Be aware. Personal information you leave behind stays indefinitely standing. If you are uncomfortable with this, you can also post a review anonymously.

Be honest. Only write reviews that are based on your own experience and that are honest and correct.

No spam. A review is sharing your experience, not a place to advertise advertisement.

If you notice something, report it. If you see offensive reviews or something that violates these guidelines, please report it to us.

Yoepie reserves the right to remove any review or text from a review that we feel removed that we believe is inappropriate and/or in violation of these Guidelines, other terms of use, or the law. Please note that, depending on the severity, violating these Guidelines may result in removal of your account, without warning.


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