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Outdoor Birthday Party


It's that time of year again: your child's birthday and it's time to organize an unforgettable children's party. But why not celebrate outdoors this time? From muddy adventures to treetop adventures, there is something for everyone. Get ready for a day full of fun, action and unforgettable memories!

Party at an outdoor playground A children's party at an outdoor playground is a party full of fun and adventure! While the children indulge on colorful playground equipment, slides, swings and sandboxes, they are surrounded by the fresh air and the happy sounds of laughing children. It is a play paradise where they can expend their energy and let their imaginations run wild. With a children's party in the outdoor playground, success is guaranteed, while the birthday boy or girl and his/her friends enjoy a day of unforgettable fun under the radiant sun.

Forest party If your little adventurer loves active games, a party in the forest is a great choice. VErvarious providers organize dynamic and energetic children's parties where the children can participate in various activities. The forest serves as a natural playground where children can have fun while testing their strength and stamina.

Survival Clubs Do you have little adventurers who love thrills and challenges? Then consider a children's party at a survival club. Here children learn essential survival techniques while having fun in the outdoors. Activities such as fire making, building rope bridges and navigating the terrain make for an adventurous and educational party where kids push their limits and boost their confidence.

Climb Forest For the daredevils among us, a children's party in a climbing forest is an absolute must. Climbing forests offer a range of challenging courses and zip lines, high among the trees. The children can feel like true adventurers as they clamber through the treetops and enjoy stunning views of the surrounding nature. With professional supervision and safety measures, this is an adventure that is both fun and safe.